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As the member of TICO, Our affiliations include IATA (International Air Transportation Association) . we specialize in Lowest Air Fares between Canada and worldwide also we have cheap on KLM, Air Canada, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Iran Air , British Airways, Cathay Pacific and more than 90 other Air lines. Also to Iran , Dubai ,all European country ,Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific with special price .

We also do airfares to any international or domestic destination, along with vacation packages, tours and cruises. we have professional agent with more than 28 year’s experience in travel industry that they can help you with their experience and best advice before your trip.

We are located in Ontario, which has the most stringent travel legislation and regulation in the world. Therefore, your funds are protected through the Travel Industry Compensation Fund when you purchase from us. Even if you are not a resident of Ontario and you book with us, you are protected by this fund.

Residents in provinces other than BC, Ontario, and Quebec have better protection through us than through a local travel agent, as the remaining seven provinces and territories have no travel legislation. *** Our location is licensed with Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) which our registration number is # 50017428 (Retail), # 50020198 (Wholesale) .

Famous Travel & Tours also is known as BestFlight.ca in Toronto, Canada, it is owned and operated by one of the most highly respected and experienced agents in Toronto under the management of Mrs Raheleh Marouf , Computer Engineer ,Travel & Tourist Instructor in Toronto’s College .

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