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10 BEST Places to Visit in Los Angeles

1 – Hollywood Bowl

Why it’s so awesome: This is a place where you can listen to music while you’re outside under the night sky. The venue plays host to a range of musical styles which are great on their own, but the real draw is the relaxed vibe. Chances are that cramming together in the bleachers and sharing your food with the people next to you will net you some new friends! And that’s what places like this are all about.

What to do there: While you’re in the city you absolutely must see a show at the Hollywood Bowl. And it doesn’t really matter which one either. The whole point of this place is to listen to music while you’re under the night sky. And this goal makes for a really relaxed atmosphere, so take your food and drink and share it with the people sitting next to you to make some new friends.

hollywood bowl, los angeles

2 – Rodeo Drive – A great place in Los Angeles if you love to shop!

Why it’s so awesome: If you’ve seen the movie Pretty Woman, then you’ve seen Rodeo Drive. This is the shopping center of Los Angeles for people who enjoy designer everything and high-class, expensive boutiques. Just walking along this street can make you feel as if you’re on the set of a movie. It’s also located in Beverly Hills, which is one of the safest places in LA!

What to do there: Obviously you could drop a lot of cash in this area if you have it spare. You’ll find every prominent label in existence in this street, and none of them are cheap. But if you don’t have the money or any interest in buying designer clothes then it’s great to just window shop in this area. Also, if you enjoy architecture, make sure you check out the nearby Anderson Court, a shopping mall that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Rodeo Drive

3 – Venice Beach – One of the more unique places to visit in Los Angeles!

Why it’s so awesome: If you get sick of the polished perfection of Hollywood then Venice Beach is another gem of visiting Los Angeles. This is an area that, despite the rush of tourists, holds onto its bohemian vibe and remains stubbornly eccentric. Some would even call it a little crazy. No matter who you are or what you like, this place will welcome you and offer people and attractions that suit your preferences.

What to do there: One of the best things to do in this area is people-watch, and you’ll find no shortage of fascinating and unusual people on the boardwalk. You’ll see everything from bodybuilders to skaters and everything in between. When or if you get sick of that, grab lunch at one of the many great restaurants or cafes in the area. Also, if you like to read then make sure you check out Small World Books for a kooky selection.

Private room near Venice Beach Los Angeles

4 – Universal Studios Hollywood

Why it’s so awesome: Universal Studios in Hollywood isn’t technically a studio for actors anymore, instead, it’s a theme park that celebrates everything to do with the movies. This is the place to come if you love Harry Potter, the Fast and the Furious or any other Universal Studio movie and want to walk in the footsteps of the stars. And it isn’t just for kids either. Apart from rides and shows, they also have bars and restaurants as well as rides that are based on shows that are too scary for kids!

What to do there: There’s no shortage of things to do at Universal. This is a place to take the kids, or a handful of your friends, and just be a child again. Check out the Walking Dead Attraction, watch a movie at the cinema, drink butterbeer at the Harry Potter-themed pub and go on all the rides. And if you’re looking for a little more of a thrill, watch the Water World Show, or try the Revenge of the Mummy ride for some real scares.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles

5 – The Museum of Jurassic Technology – One of the more unique places to visit in Los Angeles!

Why it’s so awesome: This museum mixes fact with fiction in a way that leaves you wondering which is which. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with the movie, instead, it focuses on scientific wonders both real and imagined. It’s a kooky little place and one that’s a nice break from the movie-obsessed city, so make sure you add it to your Los Angeles itinerary!

What to do there: This is a place to enjoy the oddities and try to work out what’s real and what’s not. There are a lot of weird things in this museum, from minuscule sculptures to bats that can fly through walls, and spending some time here is an exercise in getting your mind bent into a new shape!


The Museum of Jurassic Technology


6 – The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Why it’s so awesome: Everyone has heard about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where more than 2,500 celebrities have their names and handprints immortalized in concrete. If you’re a film fanatic, or just want to take a photo next to your favorite star’s handprint, this is a great place to spend a little time.

What to do there: Browse the names. The Walk of Fame is larger than you might think and when you walk along with it, you’ll probably find a few names you hadn’t expected. This iconic spot isn’t as glitzy as it looks in the movies or on awards nights, but it’s well worth a look anyway.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

7 – Disneyland Park – Awesome place to visit in Los Angeles with kids

Why it’s so awesome: What isn’t awesome about Disneyland? It’s a place that’s dedicated to stories, to dreams, and to letting your imagination run wild. Of course, it’s also dedicated to outrageous prices, crowds, and heat, but you can ignore that for one day to see some of your favorite Disney characters walking around.

What to do there: There’s no end of things to do here with seven lands that are all dedicated to different themes and Disney cartoons. Make sure you try out rides like the epic Indiana Jones Adventure and the Grizzly River Run if you like a bit of a thrill. And if you’re not one for rides, then just stroll down Main Street USA. This is one of the main streets in Disneyland and there’s always something going on there from parades to fireworks and visiting Disney characters. Make sure you keep your camera at the ready!

Disneyland Park

8 – The Old Zoo Picnic Area

Why it’s so awesome: Modern zoos can sometimes be good places where the focus is on education and protecting endangered animals. But this isn’t always the case, and, in the past, it was hardly ever the case. The Old Zoo Picnic Area is a stark reminder of that reality. This zoo was closed in 1966 but some of the cages still remain, a reminder of a past that shouldn’t be forgotten.

What to do there: This is now a picnic area with benches and grills where you can hang out with your friends and have a nice meal. But don’t forget to at least acknowledge the other side of this place. There’s a trail that will take you up from the caves and around to more of the abandoned cages so you can experience just what it was like to be on the other side of the bars.

old zoo, los angeles

9 – Downtown – An awesome place to visit in Los Angeles for half a day!

Why it’s so awesome: Los Angeles is a busy, exciting city and the best way to see it is on foot. By taking a walking tour on your own or with a group through the Downtown area you’ll be able to see some cool architecture and buildings that you recognize from the sets of movies and TV shows!

What to do there: Take lots of pictures while you’re wandering around. Los Angeles’s buildings range from Art Deco style to historic theaters and the mix is both interesting and indicative of the city’s history. If you do take an organized tour, make sure you book early as they’re popular, but you’ll also be fine walking around on your own. If you’re a fan of nightlife, then Downtown LA is also your best bet to find a hostel where you can stay close to all the fun.

 Backpacking Los Angeles

10 – Runyon Canyon Park – A beautiful and scenic place to check out in Los Angeles

Why it’s so awesome: Green spaces in the middle of concrete and stone jungles are like gems in cities like Los Angles and this park is perfectly positioned to give you a break from the rush if you need it. It’s seldom visited by tourists which makes it the perfect place to have a rest before you dive back into the high-tech busyness of the city.

What to do there: There are some great views throughout the canyon. You can see the San Fernando Valley and the Pacific Ocean from selected spots as well as the Hollywood sign. This is a popular spot for the locals to exercise, so while you’re doing some hiking you might just see a celebrity keeping their world-famous body in shape too!

Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles